I have implemented biometric authentication where my subtitle(Verify biometrics for username to Sign In to My App Name) is a bit long and it's getting truncated at the end this is happening mainly on Samsung Devices. Any limits on character length or OEM issue any idea how to fix.

enter image description here


They have to come up with a solution on this since we can't control it, it's by default. I faced the same issue but switched to use :


Keep in mind that this will remove the system hints : scan your fingerprint or use face recognition. For the moment with what i've tried is the only solution, until they come up with a fix regarding it.

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    I had submitted the issue ticket to Samsung and they were able to reproduce it and assigned it to the respective team. – Girish Mar 3 at 8:40
  • Nice job, thanks @Girish for letting me know. – Elio Lako Mar 3 at 10:14

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