I am receiving an error indicating that their is no matching function for a call to MessageDlg() in C++ Builder.

My header file does include <Vcl.Dialogs.hpp> which is where the function is declared. The function is being called from within a TForm class public function. Below is the offending code:

void MBInvalidPosition() {
    MessageDlg("Invalid Position Selected. Please Try Again",

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.


C++ supports overloaded functions — which function you're calling is a product of both its name and the types of the arguments supplied to it. Therefore, given that you have the correct name of a function, a reasonable first guess is that you are supplying the wrong type for one of the arguments.

Specifically, it doesn't look like mbOK can be supplied raw like that — MessageDlg wants a third argument of type TMsgDlgButtons but mbOK is of type TMsgDlgBtn. The appropriate way to create a set of buttons that includes only the OK button is TMsgDlgButtons() << mbOK. So:

void MBInvalidPosition() {
    MessageDlg("Invalid Position Selected. Please Try Again",
        mtError,TMsgDlgButtons() << mbOK,0);
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    Also, just an FYI - since XE2+ is being used, the 1st parameter will expect a UnicodeString, but a narrow string literal (const char[44]) is being passed in instead. While that will "work" fine, it does involve an ANSI->Unicode conversion at runtime. To avoid that overhead, you should provide a Unicode string literal, ie: MessageDlg(L"...", ...) or better MessageDlg(_D("..."), ...) – Remy Lebeau Feb 24 at 16:51
  • @Tommy. Thanks for the clue. It worked like a charm. As newbie to C+ Builder I didn't know you could not pass the direct button ID. Thanks. – Skypilot65 Feb 24 at 17:06
  • @RemyLebeau: Thanks for the tip. – Skypilot65 Feb 24 at 17:09

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