I am using spring mvc portlet for one of my applications. I have a problem in binding a dynamically filled list box with the List collection in Controller.


public class Conference {
    private List<Patient> scheduledPatients;
    //getter/setter for scheduledPatients


<form:select path="scheduledParticipants" items="${scheduledParticipants}" itemLabel="name" itemValue="name" />

The scheduledParticipants list data is filled with the data selected from another listbox and moved to scheduledParticipants listbox.

On submitting an action request, I am unable to get newly filled scheduledParticipants bound in Controller action mapping. The ModelAttribute is the Conference pojo.

We have used InitBinder for the binding the data to scheduledParticipants. Still I am unable to get the selected Participants data on controller.

Does anyone know how to achieve this?


We have to use initBinder for binding lists of objects to their bean counterparts.

For Spring MVC 3, see the following code:

public void setTestBinder(WebDataBinder dataBinder) {
   dataBinder.registerCustomEditor(List.class, new TestPropertyEditor(List.class, true));

We need to write a TestPropertyEditor (extends CustomCollectionEditor) which will have a convertElement method to convert the string to an appropriate object.

Refer to the Spring MVC framework reference documentation for variants of initBinder....

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