One week ago I had to fix a DLL that I use on my software that allow me to do some mail merging on Excel. The error that I got was that the midas.dll was not found.

The problem is that if I add the uses Midaslib on the DLL, call one of the function of the DLL and then destroy the handle of the DLL, It will result on some acces violation on the main software because it use ClientDataSet.

My theory is that the Midaslib call, who are necessary for the usage of ClientDataset, has been flush out of memory or somethings that I can't understand now.

Do any of you had the same problem ? If so do you have any solution please ?

If the information can be usefull, I'm on Delphi 10.4.

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    Welcome to StackOverflow! Is the error you got (midas.dll not found) the reason of fixing the DLL? Or the DLL started to malfunction because you fixed something else and added Midas? When you says "destroy the handle of the DLL", do you mean you call FreeLibrary with the handle of the DLL? – fpiette Feb 25 at 9:57
  • Midas.dll will register its path in the registry and any calls to it will use that registry path to find it. So most likely your midas.dll has been moved to another location and now all Delphi software cannot find it anymore. Either put the dll back to its original path or re-register midas into the registry so the path is up-to-date again – GuidoG Feb 25 at 10:25
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    Does this answer your question? Midas.dll error loading midas.dll – GuidoG Feb 25 at 10:27
  • Hello ! Thanks you for your answer. Yes the error is the reason why I try to add the uses and yes and I say destroy, I mean FreeLibrary, sorry for the misunderstanding fpiette. – Julien ARMAND Feb 25 at 10:35
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    @JulienARMAND why are you loading midas.dll in your main app? When you use midaslib you don’t need to do that al all (and you don’t have to distribute the midas.dll too). – R. Hoek Feb 26 at 13:45

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