The mqtt module in Qt is only under commercial license available. However you can do it in Open Source Version too, if you have a Linux Distro on your PC.


Im gonna answer question myself, so that others could avoid spending hours of searching in Internet.

First of all, download and install Qt Creator from official Website. Once you done it, remember where did you install it,cuz u gonna need its own qmake for the installation mqtt-module and not qmake from your distro.

Secondly, clone mqtt-git from GitHub into folder, where your Qt was installed. Important to use the branch version of the git, so it must be the newest. Currently the newest branch is 6.1 (but please see the link to sure):

git clone https://github.com/qt/qtmqtt.git --branch 6.1

After u've cloned that, go the new folder (qtmqtt) and install the module typing following commands (remember that you may installed Qt in another from me directory):

sudo ~/Qt/6.0.1/gcc_64/bin/qmake

sudo make

sudo make install

Since u r done this steps, the mqtt module can be imported and used in Qt!

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