I use this 7zip wrapper for Delphi 7 which works fine


It creates archive but overwrites files already inside

  Arch: I7zOutArchive;
  Arch := CreateOutArchive(CLSID_CFormat7z);
  SetCompressionLevel(Arch, 2);
  Arch.AddFile('C:\Test.bin', 'Test.bin');

It removes all other files saved in 'Test.zip' Is there anyway i can keep files inside 'Test.zip' and write new file with this wrapper in Delphi 7

  • If I understand correctly, you should first check if a file is already in the archive. If yes, do nothing, else add the file. – fpiette Feb 26 at 9:56
  • You dont have to vote down my question i did explained clearly that this method overwrites all files already inside archive i want to keep old files and add new inside. – Maaz Feb 26 at 10:02
  • Your "question" lacks an actual question. And my first comment answer the question you did'nt asked but more or less explained in your comment. btw: It is not me who down voted your question. Nevertheless, you should reformulate correctly with a QUESTION. Have a look at: stackoverflow.com/help/how-to-ask – fpiette Feb 26 at 14:25

The wrapper you are using does not allow you to update an existing archive, only to create a new archive. So, to add files to an existing archive, you would have to do the following:

  • use CreateInArchive() to open the existing archive
  • use CreateOutArchive() to create a new temp archive
  • copy files from the input archive to the output archive
  • add files to the output archive
  • close both archives
  • replace the old archive with the new archive
  • That's what i thought but was wondering maybe there is a direct way of doing it, thanks – Maaz Feb 26 at 18:42

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