What is the best practice upload user images and how can i do?

Should I store it as a imageUrl in the jhi_user table and save the image in the "src/main/webapp/content/images" folder? (If I do this it could be destroy with the redeploy) What is the purpose of the imageUrl column?

Or should I store it as base64 in database column? (If I do it this way; should I add a new blob column to the "jhi_user" or "userExtra" table).

Or external folder?

Or does anyone have any other suggestions?


If user can upload images at runtime, it 's impossible to store them in src because images in src are packaged into your JS bundle by webpack at build time.

Simplest approach would be to create a UserPicture entity with a blob field to store the image and a relationship with User entity because JHipster would generate almost all code.

  • What is the purpose of the imageUrl column? – erhany Feb 27 at 10:42
  • It's mainly used for OIDC authentication where the user profile is managed in an external identity provider like KeyCloak or Okta (outside your application). – Gaël Marziou Feb 27 at 11:33

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