A compass value goes from 0...360°. Normal averaging routines generate a huge error, when the compass value transits from 359 to 0, or back. I'm too stupid, creating an algo, which can handle this transition.

  • How do you want it to handle that transition? The behavior, if not the implementation. (Example(s) would be helpful here.) – Scott Hunter Feb 26 at 17:06
  • I basically think of a moving avg of 10 samples, but for the example just 4. Say I turn right: 340,345, 350, 355 [°] avg = 347.5; Then 345, 350,355,360 avg= 352.5, the problem occurs already here, if I use 0 instead of 360. avg would become 262.5; finally 350,355,0,5 avg should be 357.5 but becomes 177.5; last 0,5,10,15 avg= 7.5 – hans Feb 27 at 18:38
  • Under what conditions should you use 360+x in the average instead of x? – Scott Hunter Feb 28 at 0:27

The answer is here:

Angle average I take no responsability for the content under this link.

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