Delphi 10.4.1 iOS 14.2

I have found different sources, but they do not work. Like this:

URL       : NSUrl;
URL := TNSURL.Wrap(TNSURL.OCClass.fileURLWithPath(StrToNSStr( ExtractFileName(AFileName) )));
if SharedApplication.canOpenURL(URL) then

URL have a valid data like: file:///var/ ...... and i can open it by

WebBrowser1.Navigate( NSUrlToStr(URL) );

but SharedApplication.openURL(URL); do nothing.

May be some true work example with TUIDocumentInteractionController ?

Any complete working example?

  1. File exist.
  2. I need write some to info.plist.TemplateiOS.xml ?
  3. I need open it in default application (file can be .doc, .jpg, .pdf, etc)
  • For point 1: your method is the same as the one I use, so that part should be fine. Are you sure you specify the correct path? For point 2: The template is not available on iOS, it is only used by Delphi to generate the final info.plist, which you cannot edit. – Hans Mar 1 at 14:18
  • 1. Yes. I got valid path, because i can use code like this: WebBrowser1.Navigate( NSUrlToStr(URL) ); and work fine (for JPG and PDF) – Станислав 000 Mar 1 at 17:34

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