plt.rcParams["figure.figsize"] = (40, 40)

fig, axs = plt.subplots(2, 2)

plt.locator_params(axis='x', nbins=6)

axs[0, 0].plot(xcoords, ycoords)
axs[0, 1].scatter(xcoords,ycoords,s=1)

axs[1, 0].bar(xcoords, ycoords)
axs[1, 1].bar(ycoords, xcoords)


First 3 graphs get created as expected, but the fourth one is just blank Screenshot

Any help appriciated

  • Without seeing the data, it is hard guessing. But note that plt.locator_params() only acts upon axs[1,1] as that is the current ax. – JohanC Feb 27 at 23:32
  • @JohanC I'm not sure why you repeat my answer in your comment. But more so, your comment is not entirely correct: the default width is 0.8 (as per the documentation), not 1. And using width=10000 makes a single bar so wide that the bars will easily overlap, making the figure hard to read. – 0 0 Feb 28 at 10:09

The default width of a bar for matplotlib.pyplot.bar() is 0.8. That is usually fine, but if your x-axis runs from 0 to 110.000 or so, that is tiny. So tiny, that Matplotlib will not draw the bars, or more likely, they will not be rendered (and even if they were rendered, you wouldn't be able to see them).

So the data is there, just "invisible".

Increase the bar width. For example:

axs[1, 1].bar(ycoords, xcoords, width=100)

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