I'm trying to do what I thought was straightforward but am discovering is not. I'm hosting a webserver locally on a Raspberry Pi using Django and I want to allow the user to browse to the server, type something in a text box and then have that appended to a file sitting on the Pi.

So far, I have Django displaying a really basic HTML page, but I can't get it to execute any of the functions in my views file and I also don't know if the easiest route here is to work with a POST request and have some function set up to listen and write the contents of that?

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    That's essentially it, yes. Just call Python read/write operations from a Django view. If you can't get it to execute functions in your views file, you may have a problem with how your Django setup is configured. – Matt Howell Feb 28 at 1:57
  • Just so I understand... In /theory/ calling a python write operation would work from a Django view, right? – Matt Klaver Mar 1 at 2:57
  • Yes. Django views are essentially Python functions like any other -- they're just executed when you make a HTTP request. – Matt Howell Mar 9 at 6:08

You are going to need to write a view that will accept the text the user types into the box and writes it to the file...

def my_view_to_write_to_file(request):
    if request.method == "POST":
        # put normal python open/write/close stuff here

If you can't seem to get this view to execute than you need to make sure you have your urls correct.

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