I am trying to utilize react-select and have the following code:

import React, {useState} from 'react';
import LanguageChange from '../../../Icons/LanguageChange';
import Select, { ValueType } from 'react-select';

type OptionType = {
    value: string;
    label: string;

export const LanguageSelector = () => {
    const languageOptions: OptionType[] = [
        { value: 'English', label: 'EN' },
        { value: 'German', label: 'DE' },
        { value: 'French', label: 'FR' },
    const [selectedOption, setSelectedOption] = useState<ValueType<OptionType>>(languageOptions[0]);
    const handleChange = (option: ValueType<OptionType>) => {

    return (

But I keep getting the following error: (alias) type ValueType<OptionType extends OptionTypeBase, IsMulti extends boolean> = IsMulti extends true ? OptionsType : OptionType | null import ValueType Generic type 'ValueType' requires 2 type argument(s).ts(2314)

Any idea what I'm missing here?


ValueType requires two generics: the OptionType which you have provided and IsMulti which is either true or false. IsMulti determines whether or not it is an array. If you have an OptionType with {value: string}, the ValueType if it's a multiple select should be string[] whereas for a single select it would be string.

In your case you have a single select so you can use ValueType<OptionType, false>. But you can also just use string because you already know that the value type of your options is string so there is no need to work backwards.

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  • Is it possible to explain more export type ValueType<OptionType extends OptionTypeBase, IsMulti extends boolean> = IsMulti extends true ? OptionsType<OptionType> : OptionType | null; why = IsMulti extends true .. its good practice to learn more about TypeScript @linda Sep 3 at 1:28

Update your onChange function to accept params like this:

onChange: (value: ValueType<OptionType, IsMulti>, actionMeta: ActionMeta<OptionType>) => void;

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