I have a action which has the following yaml in it:

        description: "Targets to rebuild. Set to all to rebuild everything."
        required: false
        default: ""

Which I can trigger with:

gh api /repos/:owner/:repo/actions/workflows/build_dev.yml/dispatches -F ref=":branch"

But I can't seem to figure out how to pass inputs into the action from the cli.

I have tried:

gh api /repos/:owner/:repo/actions/workflows/build_dev.yml/dispatches -F ref=":branch" -F BuildTarget=all

Which tells "BuildTarget" is not a permitted key. (HTTP 422)

and trying this:

gh api /repos/:owner/:repo/actions/workflows/build_dev.yml/dispatches -F ref=":branch" -F inputs='{ "BuildTarget": "all" }'

Gives me For 'properties/inputs', "{ \"BuildTarget\": \"all\" }" is not an object. (HTTP 422)

Any idea on how to call this api from the cli and pass in input properties to a workflow?

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You can send the raw body directly using --input - to read from standard input :

gh api /repos/:owner/:repo/actions/workflows/build_dev.yml/dispatches \
   --input - <<< '{"ref":"master","inputs":{"BuildTarget":"all"}}'

Checkout this documentation


If you don't have any inputs to pass in and are just running the workflow, you can use:

gh api /repos/joshjohanning-org/bash-testing/actions/workflows # get id
gh api -X POST /repos/joshjohanning-org/bash-testing/actions/workflows/19595110/dispatches -f ref='main'

Otherwise if you want inputs, use @Bertrand Martel's example in this post.

Or use gh workflow run:

gh workflow run -R joshjohanning-org/bash-testing blank.yml 
echo '{"name":"scully", "greeting":"hello"}' | gh workflow run -R joshjohanning-org/bash-testing blank.yml --json
  • gh workflow run is the specific command to run workflows. It shields you from having to know the dispatches URL which could theoretically change.
    – Joman68
    Mar 6 at 22:29

I use this in a github action to trigger a workflow from a comment on an issue:

  - name: Create request issue
    shell: pwsh
    run: |
      '${{ github.event.issue.body }}' | gh workflow run deploy.yml --json

The body just contains a JSON string with all my inputs. The deploy.yml workflow just gets its inputs for the workflow_displatch from the JSON document.

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