I am writing a python script which calls the API of ethermine.org, then I am using telegraf to input the data into influxdb and it is being displayed on grafana. Influxdb and telegraf accepts json format and the first two API pulls which I did work, they display the data in the following format(I put x's in place of the actual values that get returned):

{"time": xxx, "lastSeen": xxx, "reportedHashrate": xxx, "currentHashrate": xxx, "validShares": x, "invalidShares": 0, "staleShares": 0, "averageHashrate": x, "activeWorkers": x, "unpaid": xx, "unconfirmed": null, "coinsPerMin": xxxx, "usdPerMin": xxxx, "btcPerMin": xxxx}

However, the 3rd pull which I am trying to do seems to be outputting an extra '}' character and also seems to be formatted slightly differently(instead of just a tag like currentHashrate and a value it has a tag say price: then {two more tags} so almost like a list of tags within the price category, which is where I think the extra '}' might be coming from.

{"topMiners": [], "minedBlocks": [{"number": x, "miner": "x", "time": x}, {"number": x, "miner": "x", "time": x}, {"number": x, "miner": "x", "time": x}, {"number": x, "miner": "x", "time": x}, {"number": x, "miner": "x", "time": x}, {"number": x, "miner": "x", "time": x}, {"number": x, "miner": "x", "time": x}, {"number": x, "miner": "x", "time": x}, {"number": x, "miner": "x", "time": x}, {"number": x, "miner": "x", "time": x}], "poolStats": {"hashRate": x, "miners": x, "workers": x, "blocksPerHour": x}, "price": {"usd": xxx, "btc": xxx}}

Please note I am new to python so in my attempt to fix it using google I was unsuccessful as I am probably going about it the wrong way. I will upload screenshots of the error I am getting in telegraf, then also a screenshot of the python error I got when I attempted to fix it. Also find my code of the python script below

enter image description here

python error which relates to these lines of code I think


enter image description here

import json
import requests

# Miner - Statistics Armand
keyArmand = 'xxxxxxxxxx'
urlArmand = 'https://api.ethermine.org/miner/' + keyArmand + '/currentStats'

# Miner - Statistics Altus
keyAltus = 'xxxxxxxxxxx'
urlAltus = 'https://api.ethermine.org/miner/' + keyAltus + '/currentStats'

# PoolStats
urlPoolStats = 'https://api.ethermine.org' + '/poolStats'

#call 1
statsArmand = requests.get(urlArmand)
#call 2
statsAltus = requests.get(urlAltus)
#call 3
statsPool = requests.get(urlPoolStats)


#problem line (prints an extra '}' at the end

#next 3 lines is what I tried to do to fix it (either need to get rid of the extra '}' at the end or I just need the price tag displayed in the correct format

As a summary: The 3rd python json API call is returning a different format to the first two, I would like to either reformat the 3rd one in the same format as the first two or just extract the price in USD(price: "USD" part) in the format (similar to say {"time": xxx}), because that is the only part I want to use.

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When working with requests.get() on an API that returns data in JSON format, you probably want requests to handle the data for you rather than accessing it as text and parsing it manually.

Since the returned JSON object contains nested JSON objects, you would have to manually parse each of the nested objects (e.g. using json.loads()) when you get it as text.

In the call to requests.get(urlPoolStats), the returned JSON object contains another JSON object, which is not parsed in your case, when calling json.loads(statsPool.text), which is most likely why it's failing when you try to access price.

A call to requests.get() returns a Response object which implements a json() method which will parse the data correctly for you and return it as a Pyton dict with all the nested JSON objects accessible as keys in the dict.

In other words, instead of


what you want to do is


This returns a Python dict and you can now get the price like this:

  • Thank you that makes sense, however I am still confused on one thing: to test I replaced my working print(json.dumps(json.loads(statsAltus.text)['data'])) with print(statsAltus.json()['data']) it runs fine in python itself, it now outputs {'time': xxx, 'lastSeen': xxx, 'reportedHashrate': xxx, 'currentHashrate': xxx, 'validShares': xx, 'invalidShares': x, 'staleShares': x, 'averageHashrate': xxx, 'activeWorkers': x, 'unpaid': xxx, 'unconfirmed': None, 'coinsPerMin': xxx, 'usdPerMin': xxx, 'btcPerMin': xxx} Running out of characters, continuing on next comment Mar 1, 2021 at 10:38
  • However, when running it inside telegraf I get an error like this: gyazo.com/7bc6b8d0ed6aa4f6530a2092ad34fdcd 2021-03-01T10:29:08Z I! Starting Telegraf 1.17.3 2021-03-01T10:29:08Z E! [inputs.exec] Error in plugin: invalid character '\'' lo oking for beginning of object key string Not sure why, I don't see any '\' character...I will post It to the telegraf forums if it is not applicable to stack overflow, but maybe you can help here as well Mar 1, 2021 at 10:40
  • It hard to tell without seeing the code but my guess would be that the API you are feeding the data in is expecting a different data type. Concretely, that might mean that the API expects data as a Python dict but you are passing in a string containing JSON, or something like that.
    – Paul P
    Mar 1, 2021 at 10:43
  • Keep in mind, that Python dicts and JSON objects represented as strings, even though they look very similar, are different things.
    – Paul P
    Mar 1, 2021 at 10:44
  • what code would you need to see to get a better picture? I can link telegraf's documentation (docs.influxdata.com/telegraf/v1.17/data_formats/input/json) , but I think it might be better if I ask on their forum Mar 1, 2021 at 12:51

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