I'm trying to break out of the while loop by changing the auxboolean variable inside the for loop but it doesn't work. The for loop doesn't exit when auxboolean is set to false. Why?

Also, the for loop seems to start with i having value 9 and counts backwards. Why?

auxboolean:= true;
    while auxboolean do
      for i := 0 to 8  do

When debugging you can see that the first value for i is 9 and it then counts down :


enter image description here

enter image description here

  • Please explain what you would like to achieve here and what does "but doesn't work" mean? What doesn't work? – Blurry Sterk Mar 1 at 12:23
  • sorry, I tried to explaind with the pictures and now write the explain – Miguel Jumping Mar 1 at 12:36
  • Borland Developer 2006 @J... – Miguel Jumping Mar 1 at 17:53

I think you want to do something like that:


  for i := 0 to 8 do


      if not auxboolean then break;

  Writeln('End of the program...');

You don't have to use the while loop, instead of it see the break statement.

  • I tried with Exit and abort, but finish all my function. With break work, thanks a lot – Miguel Jumping Mar 1 at 13:15

The condition for the while loop to continue is auxboolean = true.

The check for auxboolean = true is performed only when the code returns to the while statement. What happens to auxboolean inside the loop has no effect before that check.

The condition for the for loop to continue is that the loop control variable i is 0..8.

The check for i happens equally once per loop, but has no effect on the outer while loop. You can use break to exit the for loop.


The peculiarity with the for loop starting from 9 and counting down is explained in this post

I'm not sure whether this is still the case in recent releases of Delphi. I think it is, but the debugger does not show decreasing counter values.

  • Think that immediately the value of loop why change finish, I came from Java maybe is for that or forget stuff. Thanks for the new knowledge – Miguel Jumping Mar 1 at 13:11
  • @MiguelJumping: No, this works the same way in all imperative programming languages, including Java. – Andreas Rejbrand Mar 1 at 13:12
  • 2
    Ok, this evening I go to study the basics again – Miguel Jumping Mar 1 at 13:16
  • Miguel, did you note the edit I made and the link to another answer regarding the for loop counter. – Tom Brunberg Mar 1 at 13:17
  • Thanks Tom, think this happen to my borland that today waking up with the left foot. – Miguel Jumping Mar 1 at 15:18

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