I have a SwiftUI App with widgets all works fine in the catalyst version or compiling the widgets directly for macOS, but when I add it to the macOS target (not catalyst) I get the following error

/Users/franciscomisaellanderoychante/proyects/Revisits/Revisits.xcodeproj Building for macOS, but the embedded app extension 'revisitsWidgetExtension.appex' is building for iOS. You may need to configure 'revisitsWidgetExtension.appex' to build for macOS.


But like you can see the widgets are actually target for macOS too

in the macOS I have this selected

enter image description here

What im trying to do is to use the existing widget with the macOS app

any idea of what is happening?


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Finally I found the solution you have to add a new widget extension target to macOS (The iOS widget only works on Catalyst)

enter image description here

Once you do that you can use the same configuration and files that you used on the iOS extension just add the new widget to the target and done.

  • Do you also use configurable widget options? Somehow it works on iOS but not on macOS. See Dec 22, 2022 at 17:36

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