When I try to configure the rabbitmq_auth_backend_http as described here it gives me the following errors:

rabbit-1_1  | 22:12:08.330 [error] You've tried to set rabbitmq_auth_backend_http.ssl_options.cacertfile, but there is no setting with that name.
rabbit-1_1  | 22:12:08.330 [error] Did you mean one of these?
rabbit-1_1  | 22:12:08.560 [error]      auth_ldap.ssl_options.cacertfile

Without SSL it works fine. So the plugin is loaded and working. Just configuring SSL client authentication fails for me. Am I missing something?

  • I am not sure if all properties need to be provided in the .schema file of the plugin, but if so, then they are definitely missing =/ – Christof Tinnes Mar 1 at 22:29
  • When I add the configuration via the advanced.config classic style, the errors disappear but it still looks like the ssl_options are not taking effect. – Christof Tinnes Mar 1 at 22:58
  • With advanced.config, I got it working now. It was some other misconfiguration. Another thing I stumbled upon: Using SSL (without Client authentication), the request work, even without given the RabbitMQ the right CA certificate. – Christof Tinnes Mar 2 at 21:26

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