what is this when dragging child window for docking ? It seemed not like a standard win32 control . It appeared on some windows which have some child windows to docking . It's very good for sizing the layout of each sub windows. What message should be handled to do this effect? enter image description here

I have do some coding for test. I create three windows:

  1. frame window , the container to hold the docker window.
  2. docker window , when docked in the frame window , it's a sub window of the container. You can also drag the docker out, it becomes a single window without WS_CHILD style.
  3. hint window. It appears in the center of the frame window when dragging the docker window . It is a hint to inspect which side to dock.

I have a problem : I do not know which message should be catched to identify the dragging or stop dragging actions. enter image description here

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