If we are deploying a basic WebApp / WebApi, both these tasks from Microsoft appear to do the same thing - deploy to an appservice.



How do you choose which one to use in a new YAML release pipeline? I just want to make sure I am using the version that is most future-proof - I have 25 release pipelines and don't want to have to re-do them unless necessary.

The way the help is written, hard to compare feature to feature to spot the key "must-haves". Some Microsoft online examples use both. Both are still marked as "In Development" in the readme and both are >1 year old since last check in.

  1. The simplest way to deploy to an Azure Web App is to use the Azure Web App Deploy (AzureWebApp) task.

  2. By default, your deployment happens to the root application in the Azure Web App. You can deploy to a specific virtual application by using the VirtualApplication property of the AzureRmWebAppDeployment task.

  3. Azure App Service Deploy task allows users to modify configuration settings in configuration files (*.config files) inside web packages and XML parameters files (parameters.xml), based on the stage name specified.

  • Thanks Cece. I'll go with your recomendation. Is there a reason there are two different ways? I appreciate Azure App Service Deploy can do config/xml - just wondered why that capability is not added to Azure Web App Deploy and instead packaged in a different task. – MarkD Mar 7 at 18:53

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