This is the first time I am using ParcelJS. I npm it following their instruction everything looks good. So it would be the latest version. As soon as I run it against my project (a .html file with some js and css attached to it), I get this error.

favicon.ico: Invalid Version: undefined

I have tried to ask Google without much luck. Got any ideas?enter image description here


If you are using Parcel version 1.12.4 this github issue is the reason why you got this error. It's not your fault.

You may try to pin your Parcel version as 1.12.3 in package.json:

"dependencies": {
  "parcel": "1.12.3"

If your Parcel is installed globally, you may check your version of Parcel:

parcel --version

Uninstall 1.12.4 and reinstall 1.12.3:

npm uninstall -g parcel-bundler
npm install -g parcel-bundler@1.12.3
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    Thank you Bemn. I confirm 1.12.3 works. Not sure why parcelJS would release a version 1.12.4 that doesn't work out of the box though, strange.
    – Tom
    Mar 8 at 23:37

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