It seems like this should work but it doesnt.

Im logged in as a Power user and should see 1 report but I actually see 2.

<siteMapNode url="Reports" title="Reports"  description="" roles="Administrator, Power">
  <siteMapNode url="default.aspx" title="Default"  description="" roles="Administrator" />
  <siteMapNode url="custom.aspx" title="Custom"  description="" roles="Administrator, Power" />

This should work right?

  • Any ideas? I think this would be a fairly common thing to setup where different roles can access the same page and some pages certain roles can't access. – Todd Mar 20 '09 at 16:09

Sorry if you've already checked this (you don't mention it) but have you enabled trimming in web.config?


ASP.NET Site-Map Security Trimming on MSDN shows this 'example' web.config

<!-- …other configuration settings -->
  <siteMap defaultProvider="XmlSiteMapProvider" enabled="true">
      <add name="XmlSiteMapProvider"
        description="Default SiteMap provider."
        type="System.Web.XmlSiteMapProvider "
        securityTrimmingEnabled="true" />


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