I am unable to know how to do passwordless signin with OTP using cognito in flutter. I just need assistance with the flutter code for sending the OTP and answering the auth challenger with any working cognito/amplify package.

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I was able to do with this package: amazon_cognito_identity_dart_2

//Create a cognito user
CognitoUser cognitoUser1;

//Send OTP
 cognitoUser1 = CognitoUser(phoneNumber.text, widget.userPool);
  try {
    CognitoUserSession cognitoUserSession =
        await cognitoUser1.initiateAuth(
        authParameters: [
            name: 'phone_number',
            value: phoneNumber.text,
  } catch (cognitoUserCustomChallengeException) {}

//Authenticate the user
CognitoUserSession cognitoUserSession = await cognitoUser1.sendCustomChallengeAnswer(otp.text);

print("jwtToken " + cognitoUserSession.accessToken.jwtToken);
print("refreshToken " + cognitoUserSession.refreshToken.token);
  • Can you show more of the code pls or a bit more explanation because I'm stuck on the same issue and don't know how to approach it Mar 31, 2022 at 8:57

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