I saw few posts about it but dont figure the answer in my case. why do all the radio button are selected ?

pred_win=tkinter.Toplevel (window) #create new window
var_ = StringVar ()
var_.set("All models")
radio_select_model = Radiobutton (pred_win, text="All models", variable=var_ , command=all_model_select,value="All models")
radio_select_model.grid (column=0, row=2, sticky='W', padx=40)
radio_select_model2 = Radiobutton (pred_win, text="Praticular model", variable=var_,value="Praticular model")  # , command=)
radio_select_model2.grid (column=0, row=3, sticky='W', padx=40)
model_select_pls= Radiobutton (pred_win, text="PLS", variable=var_ ,value="PLS")
model_select_pls.grid (column=1, row=0,sticky='S', padx=40)
model_select_rf = Radiobutton (pred_win, text="Random Forest", variable=var_,value="Random Forest")
model_select_rf.grid (column=1, row=1,sticky='S', padx=40)



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