I use the TIB_Query component. If I use it in a Master-Detail connection, then if the lookup dataset finds more records based on keylinks, it returns an error.

For Example:

  1. Table > Domains (This is the Main Master)

    NRP      Hungary
    SYSTEM   System
  2. Table > Cash Registers (Detail) (Primary Key DOMAIN + ID)

    MasterSource: Domains
    ID     NAME     DOMAIN.. etc
    080000 Shop 1   NRP
    081000 Shop 2   NRP
  3. Table > Inventory Locations (Sub-Detail) (Primary Key = DOMAIN + ID)

    MasterSource: Domains (MasterLinks: LOCATIONS.DOMAIN = DOMAINS.ID)
    KeySource: Cash Registers (KeyLinks: LOCATIONS.ID = CASHREG.LOCATION)
    ID   NAME     DOMAIN
    1    Normal   NRP
    1    Normal   SYSTEM

If I set Cash Register Location, and save and scroll dataset then error occurs:

Multiple rows in a singleton select

I don't understand why, because only one record exists on domain in locations lookup.

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    Please provide a minimal reproducible example. The error "Multiple rows in a singleton select" occurs within Firebird when a statement produces multiple rows, where at most a single row is expected. For example in subqueries in a select list or the set clause of an update statement, or a select (not for select) in PSQL, or an UPDATE ... RETURNING that affects multiple rows, etc. – Mark Rotteveel Mar 3 at 16:26

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