I have a SOAP-Server (created with WebServer Wizard in C++Builder 10.3).

I use HTTP Basic Authentication to login. I can see and check user/password either in TIdHTTPWebBrokerBridge::OnParseAuthentication() or in TWebModule::WebModule1DefaultHandlerAction(), like this:

void __fastcall TForm1::OnParseAuthentication(TIdContext *AContext, const UnicodeString AAuthType,
    const UnicodeString AAuthData, UnicodeString& VUsername, UnicodeString& VPassword, bool& VHandled)
    String szZugangsdaten = TNetEncoding::Base64->Decode(AAuthData);

    System::DynamicArray<System::UnicodeString> array = ::SplitString(szZugangsdaten, ":");

    if (array.Length == 2) {
        VUsername = array[0];
        VPassword = array[1];
        VHandled = bool(VUsername == "right_user" && VPassword == "right_pw");
    else {
        VHandled = false;

My problem is that as soon as the client logs in, the old ("correct") access data is always transmitted in the response, even if I enter incorrect user/password in the browser:

  1. attempt: http://wrong_user:wrong_pw@myserver.com -> No authentication (OK)

  2. attempt: http://richt_user:right_pw@myserver.com -> Authentication (OK)

  3. attempt: http://wrong_user:wrong_pw@myserver.com -> Authentication (!!!)

How can I avoid this?

  • TIdCustomHTTPServer parses BASIC credentials for you, into the AuthExists/AuthUsername/AuthPassword properties of TIdHTTPRequestInfo. I don't know how WebBroker works, but you are not supposed to validate credentials in the OnParseAuthentication event, only parse them. Set VHandled to whether parsing is ok or not. Validate the parsed credentials in the OnCommand... events. However, the parsed credentials are not accessible by TWebRequest, but the Authentication header is, so move your parsing out of OnParseAuthentication into your WebRequest handler. – Remy Lebeau Mar 3 at 21:00
  • This article shows how to do HTML-based authentication with WebBroker. I have no idea how to do HTTP-based authentication with it. I think that is handled by whatever HTTP server your WebBroker in running in (ISS, Apache, etc). – Remy Lebeau Mar 3 at 21:01
  • If you tested via a browser: probably the browser cached the credentials. – Olivier Mar 4 at 11:31
  • Hi, Remy, thank you for answer. – Julia Mar 4 at 13:15
  • Yes, if I check user/passwort in WebModuleDefaultHandlerAction() , it works with SAP now. My problem was really credentials cache on browser, thank you Oliver for this idea. – Julia Mar 4 at 13:26

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