I've created a tag through Bitbucket website --> placed it by mistake on a commit in Develop branch not the master enter image description here

I wish to delete the tag. Connecting to my repository through SourceTree with Develop branch checkout. The tag isn't showing when clicking 'tag' on the left panel nor when clicking in 'tag' button in the menu and the tag modal window opens with no tags to remove

enter image description here

Please advise (I haven't installed git on my computer to access through command line)

  • Git itself does not have "remote tags": you either have a tag (which is local), or you don't have that tag. The fact that some other Git may have some tag is not interesting to Git, except when you connect your (local) Git to that other Git and say "fetch me stuff including tags": then your Git looks at their tags. But SourceTree is not Git, it's some sort of user interface, so it's certainly possible that SourceTree should check the tags over yonder, on bitbucket, here. I don't use SourceTree so I can't say much about that. – torek Mar 4 at 11:40
  • In any case, it seems like you should be able to delete the tag through the Bitbucket web interface, the same way you created it. That would fix the problem regardless of what SourceTree ought to do. – torek Mar 4 at 11:40
  • @torek have you deleted tags through bitbucket website? If so please elaborate how - I didn't find a way to do it, and didn't find tutorials/answers for that – Kukula Mula Mar 4 at 11:56
  • No, my repositories are all on GitHub. If you can create a tag, but not delete one, that seems like a defective hosting system, though. – torek Mar 4 at 12:03

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