Whenever i have two or more TDBLookupCombobox using the same Listsource I can not assign values to these TDBLookupComboboxes at the same time. When i select a value for another TDBLookupCombobox my previously selected values for other TDBLookupComboboxes clears out. Is there a workaround for this. I saw a similar question online but the solution to that problem did not help me as My datasource and Dataset are both empty as i don't intend to edit the source.


A TDBLookupCombobox moves the current record of its ListSource dataset. Thus you need separate datasets for each TDBLookupCombobox. You can achieve that f.i. with a TFDMemTable and its CloneCursor method.

  • Thank you for this Answer. What i did was clone my Adotable. Wish we had a combobox which didn't move the cursor of the database. – mobo Mar 9 at 15:37

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