I am trying to create python controlled implementation for C/C++ interface (headers).

For example I have C/C++ library:

// header
int foo(bool var);
// cpp
int foo(bool var) {
  // impl

This is compiled to mylib.so

And I would like to create mymockedlib.so that would transfer foo call with parameters to the python code. So that in python code I could write some kind of test like this:

MyLibMoc mock

Didn't find any similar solution. Started implemented my own based on protobuf and grpc server (on python side).

C++ binary -> (mocked C++ lib implements original header) -> GRPC -> python backed. 

But C++ is extremely variadic language. There are templated functions, both input and output parameters, callbacks, pointers - huge amount of work to support controlling of all all this C++ staff by python, but it is definitely possible.

Anyone could suggest me existing project with something similar (may be not python controlled but other language good for creating automated tests) .

Or at least other path then generating protobuf types for each C++ method call, callback, parameters, structs and enums.

My goal is to check that C++ binary do appropriate calls in shared libraries and redefine behavior of shared library for certain test cases.

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