I'm running a bash command through Python to get the stdout.

This is the start of the command

bashCommand = "kubectl --context mlf-eks-dev get --all-namespaces ingressroutes"
process = subprocess.Popen(bashCommand.split(), stdout=subprocess.PIPE)

I then try to remove the \n from the output

output = process.communicate()[0].decode('ascii')

When doing a print, no issue.

wwwvhugo                        wwwvhugo-mlfwordpress                                          134d

Yet when I'm only running output, I still see the \n

wwvhugo                        wwwvhugo-mlfwordpress                                          134d\n'

I tried to use the strip() but I do not think it is related.

Thank you.

Note: There are no whitespaces at the start or at the end of the string.

  • Hi @BradSolomon, I did not do the split. Lemme try that. – Andy K Mar 5 at 14:12

This should do the trick

bashCommand = "kubectl --context mlf-eks-dev get --all-namespaces ingressroutes"
output = subprocess.check_output(bashCommand.split(), text=True)
output = " ".join(output.splitlines())

However, after many tryout, using a regex can help too (like below)

import re
output = subprocess.check_output(bashCmdNamespace.split(), text=True)
output = re.sub('\s+',' ',output)
  • Hi @BradSolomon, updated my question. Cheers mate. – Andy K Mar 7 at 6:26

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