So I have written the below code

paa_required_data = {
        "Case age": paa_pending_since,
        "PAA Case ID": all_paa_cases,
        "PAA Owner": data[data["Status"] == "Pending Amazon Action"].Owner.to_list(),

    mac_required_data = {
        "Case age": mac_pending_since,
        "Mac Case ID": all_mac_cases,
        "MAC Owner": data[data["Status"] == "Merchant Action Completed"].Owner.to_list(),

    paa_new_data = pandas.DataFrame(paa_required_data).sort_values(by=['Case age'], ascending=False).to_string(index=False)
    mac_new_data = pandas.DataFrame(mac_required_data).sort_values(by=['Case age'], ascending=False).to_string(index=False)
    chime_msg = f"/md Hello @Present \n" \
                f"Good morning. I request you to kindly work on these PAA and MAC cases on priority and get them " \
                f"resolved at the earliest.\n" \
                f"### PAA Cases as of {datetime.date.today()}\n" \
                f"{paa_new_data}\n" \
                f"### MAC Cases as of {datetime.date.today()}\n" \
                f"{mac_new_data}\n" \

All the values in the dictionary are lists. The chime_msg is the message sent to chime through webhooks. I want to use tables in markdown to get something like this

Case age PAA Case ID PAA Owner
value 1 value 2 Value 3

But when I try to use the .to_markdown() after sorting the dataframe, I get an error saying that 'str' object has no attribute 'to_markdown' . Also when I use .to_markdown without sorting, the output in chime is |---😐:--- (gets converted to an emoji)

Can anyone help me getting the table output shown above?

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