I am wondering about the following behaviour of <p:dataTable filteredValue>. Hopefully you can explain it and tell me how to avoid it.

The backing bean method is called even though the corresponding component is not rendered.

<p:panel rendered="#{false}">
    <p:dataTable ... filteredValue="#{backingBean.filteredRowModels}">

Do you know how avoid calling the backing bean method if it is not rendered?

  • Just put a debug breakpoint and inspect the call stack as usual in order to figure out why the line of code is called. – BalusC Mar 5 at 16:39
  • The init Method is called during DataBaseTable.getFilteredValue. As mentioned before, the corresponding DataTable is not rendered. Does JSF process Component even thou there are not rendered? – Manuel Drieschmanns Mar 5 at 19:03
  • Excellent. I've fixed your question. The original question was way too blurred. I'd say this is in the end just a bug/oversight in PrimeFaces. Report issue and in the meanwhile patch the renderer. – BalusC Mar 6 at 10:49
  • What version of PrimeFaces are you using? Filtering was overhauled in PF 10, did you try with that version? – Jasper de Vries Mar 6 at 14:25
  • We are using Primefaces 8.0 – Manuel Drieschmanns Mar 6 at 16:36

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