I'm creating a simple React application, and I have to map through an array like this:

const data = [
    id: 1,
    string: "my dog is a <strong>poodle</strong>"
{id: 2,
 string: "my cat is nice"



Sometimes inside the string, I have some strong tags to render. When I try to render that sentence, I will see the html rendered. If I try to use a template literal and assign that strong tag to a variable, I will have the [object object] error. How can I render tags in this situations? Trying if possible to avoid the "setDangerouslyHTML" prop. This is my mapping function:


  return (<li key={da.id}>{da.string}/>)

Thanks for the help!

You didn't properly close the tag

data.map(da=>(<li key={da.id}>{da.string}</li>))

Edit If you want to display the tag in the string , you can do

data.map(da=>(<li key={da.id} dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{ __html: da.string }}></li>))

Here is a working example

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