I have 2 select statements below which I would like to show the output like below. Currently, I am unable to join first query with second.

fanme   lname  JobTitle   AcceptanceRate
Jim    Cary     Manager    0.666666
   select fname, lname, JobTitle
   from [User]
   where userID=8

Select convert(decimal, x.QuoteAccepted) / y.AllQuotes as  AcceptanceRate 
from  (
    select count(*) as QuoteAccepted
    from Quote
    where ProjectManager_UserID=8 and QuoteStatusID=6
) x
join (
    select count(*) as AllQuotes
    from Quote
    where ProjectManager_UserID=8
y on 1=1 

I tried creating temp tables and insert into but it kept showing error:

Column name or number of supplied values does not match table definition.

is there any possible way to do this?

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    Please show some sample data and expected results. – Dale K Mar 6 at 2:13
  • @Dale K, I added what expected output should look like – Nebelz Cheez Mar 6 at 2:21
  • Also need sample data used to generate that/. – Dale K Mar 6 at 2:23

You can use conditional aggregation:

select u.*,
       (select avg(case when q.QuoteStatusID = 6 then 1.0 else 0 end) as QuoteAccepted
        from Quote q
        where q.ProjectManager_UserID = u.userId
       ) as AcceptanceRate
from users u
where u.UserID = 8

If you want this for all project managers:

select ProjectManager_UserID,
       avg(case when QuoteStatusID = 6 then 1.0 else 0 end) as AcceptanceRate
from Quote
group by ProjectManager_UserID;
  • Right, but I'm trying to join ProjectManager_UserID with UserID in User table so I can get, Name and job Title, as listed in the top of the questions. So I can see name, job title and AcceptanceRate – Nebelz Cheez Mar 6 at 2:25
  • Wait, Even though its selecting as QuoteAccepted, it says No column Name ? For Bottom Query its showing QuoteAccepted but not for top Query – Nebelz Cheez Mar 6 at 2:37
  • The bottom query is just for the user ids. The first query answers the question you have asked here. – Gordon Linoff Mar 6 at 2:46
  • nvmd, Its Working! – Nebelz Cheez Mar 6 at 3:01
  • Hey Gordon, Would it be possible to show result for all Managers instead of UserID=8? so basically a mix of top and bottom query? I stared at it for an hour but couldn't figure it out. If you can help, that would be kind of you :) – Nebelz Cheez Mar 6 at 4:12

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