I'm trying to write an function in python to export from a database sqlite in excel file with multi header. this is my code:

        self.HOME = os.environ['HFF_HOME']
        sqlite_DB_path = '{}{}{}'.format(self.HOME, os.sep,"HFF_DB_folder")
        file_path_sqlite = sqlite_DB_path+os.sep+db_names
        conn = sq.connect(file_path_sqlite)
        conn.execute('SELECT load_extension("mod_spatialite")')   
        conn.execute('SELECT InitSpatialMetaData(1);')  
        cur1 = conn.cursor()
        name_= '%s' % (sito_location+'_site-table_' +  time.strftime('%Y%m%d_') + '.xlsx')
        dump_dir=os.path.join(sito_path, name_)
        writer = pd.ExcelWriter(dump_dir, engine='xlsxwriter')
        workbook  = writer.book
        cur1.execute("Select * From eamena_table where location= '%s'" %sito_location)
        rows1 = cur1.fetchall()
        col_names0 =['A','B','C']
        col_names1 =['Test1','Test2','Test3','Test4','Test5']
        t0.to_excel(writer, sheet_name='Heritage Place',index=False)
        worksheet1 = writer.sheets['Heritage Place']
        worksheet1.set_column('A:CX', 35, None)

I would add col_names0 like in this example enter image description here


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