I wanted to create something simple like void Function(struct str) to calculate paralel in barriers sync, but seems to not be so simple, so I followed this: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/procthread/creating-threads and some other topics, but without success. Couldnt find a solution. Code is all in one file.

Any advise how to fix it? make it work?

Solved by std::thread rewrite

Printscreened code, due to unknow issue putting in here... -_-


Note how when you cast lpParam to a dectectorData* you should cast like this: (detectorData*)lpParam not (detectorData)lpParam. (Note the * denoting a pointer.)


Since I am using C++, there is already std::thread class. So my simple task can be done by this code:

void detAndComputeT(detectorData &data) {
Ptr<SIFT> detector = cv::SIFT::create();
detector->detectAndCompute(data.image, Mat(), data.keypoints, data.descriptors);


std::thread threads2[2];
detectorData dataImage1;
detectorData dataImage2;
dataImage1.image = image1_toCalc;
dataImage2.image = image2_toCalc;
threads2[0] = thread(detAndComputeT, std::ref(dataImage1));
threads2[1] = thread(detAndComputeT, std::ref(dataImage2));

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