I am having some files names are as follows:

I need to rename as *_?.txt as *_.txt. At the time renaming existing files will be replaced without prompt. After processing there will be only files with the following names :

existing function RenameFile(const OldFileName, NewFileName: string): Boolean; can not replace if file with same name already exists.

How this can be done?

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    You have to write the code yourself to do the pattern matching – David Heffernan Mar 6 at 17:41
  • This can be done in a simple findfile loop. But if you only have 100 files, you'll be done much sooner with a 4 line batch file. Also since you can't rename 9 files to one, you may as well delete _2.. _9 , and rename _1.txt – MyICQ Mar 6 at 18:23
  • The basic principle of programming is to combine functions and calls, not just calling only one function which perfectly fits your needs. Rename each of your files and deal with the potential outcome (success or failure). Where's your code which shows your how far you came? – AmigoJack Mar 6 at 21:58

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