I am trying to use Points object in threejs. I am trying to display a point, but it is not showing up. Browser does not give any error. Let me know what needs to be done. Thanks

let pointGeometry:any = new BufferGeometry();
let positionAttribute = new BufferAttribute( new Float32Array([10,5,10]), 10 );
pointGeometry.setAttribute( 'position', positionAttribute );
pointGeometry.attributes.position.needsUpdate = true;
let pointMaterial = new PointsMaterial( { color: 0x03F9E7, size: 10 } );
this.point = new Points( pointGeometry, pointMaterial );
this.point.name = 'point';
this.point.scale.copy( new Vector3(10,10,10) );
this.scene.add( this.point );
  • new BufferAttribute( new Float32Array([10,5,10]), 10 ), why is it 10 for item size, it has to be 3. And this line this.point.scale.copy( new Vector3(10,10,10) );, it can be just this.point.scale.setScalar( 10 ); – prisoner849 Mar 6 at 19:32

The itemSize of BufferAttribute should be 3.

let positionAttribute = new BufferAttribute( new Float32Array([10,5,10]), 3 );
pointGeometry.setAttribute( 'position', positionAttribute );

itemSize -- the number of values of the array that should be associated with a particular vertex. For instance, if this attribute is storing a 3-component vector (such as a position, normal, or color), then itemSize should be 3.

[Docs] BufferAttribute

Another reason may be that the camera looks to the wrong position. If you set a scale of 10 the final position of the point will be at [100,50,100].

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