I want to create a line of code that looks for a specific string of text in all child and sub-child elements of an already defined element. Below is a sample web page code to illustrate (forgive me if the html and css are bad):

<div class="className">
  <div>TEXT 01</div>
  <div>TEXT 02</div>
    <div>TEXT 03</div>
    <div>TEXT 04</div>

I want Selenium to analyze all text inside of the main div and return that text, including TEXT 01, TEXT 02, TEXT 03, TEXT 04. Here's what I have so far:

parent_element = driver.find_element_by_class_name('className')
test = parent_element.find_element_by_xpath('.//*').text

Unfortunately, this is not working to return all of the text. Any ideas? THANKS!

test=[x.text for x in parent.find_elements_by_xpath(".//div[contains(.,'TEXT')]")

or use .//* for non divs.

To get all child text who contains a certain text. Use find_elements and contains.

  • Thanks, but this is not working. The ".//" seems like it is not crawling everything underneath parent element for text. – WTB Helbreath Mar 7 at 3:56
  • Try it out now. – Arundeep Chohan Mar 7 at 4:12
  • That did work. Thank you. – WTB Helbreath Mar 7 at 5:37

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