Some Context: A hyperspectral image is taken(here Indiana Pines) which needs to be reduced to a lower dimension from 200 bands,For this GSA is to be used
What will be possible metrics to grade various dimension reductions?
Work attempted so far:

  • Using KMeans clustering as a measure for the distribution.Problem is KMeans is highly dependent on the random_state and a simple relabelling would result in poor results
  • Using the inter-point distance matrix to compare results.Problem is there are ~ 2 * 10^4 points So the matrix is of size ~ 2 * 10^8 which is computationally heavy
  • Using a SVM over the data and grading based on accuracy.Problem is again fitting the SVM and scoring is computationally heavy so is not suitable metric for dimension reduction
    Any help will be appreciated
    *Question has also been posted on stats.stackexchange

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