I am trying to join an old sql table with a new one but exclude the duplicate entries, this needs to be in a delphi program as well, and im a noob at that, any ideas?


These both keywords will make your data to combine and display in a single column.

  • Union - Removes the duplicate entries of the table

  • Union All - Includes the duplicate entries

It would be better if you provide an example with input and output, that would clarify your question the most.

  • Answers to a questions which is not clear is not appropriate. Better give a comment than an answer. – Kidus Tekeste Mar 8 at 8:15

you can use the union all operator instead of the union operator for joining two tables that not remove duplicates from the table.

  • Did you not see, or did you misunderstand this requirement: ...but exclude the duplicate entries? – Tom Brunberg Mar 8 at 7:18
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  • But they want to remove duplicates! – Tom Brunberg Mar 9 at 5:41

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