My problem is that I want to invoke the icc compiler from the command line, but my pc can't find it. I installed the latest oneAPI and sourced setvars.sh.

I even search for the icc file under the installation folder and I can't find the icc compiler file.

The which command works for mpicc and dpcpp but not for icc:

can not find icc

mpicc found but not icc


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It looks like you might have installed Intel OneAPI base toolkit. The icc compiler is not a part of the base toolkit. To get icc(Intel® C++ Compiler Classic) you should install Intel OneAPI HPC toolkit. Below is a link to HPC toolkit. You would see icc in the "whats included" section


You could install hpc toolkit on the top of your basekit, it installs only whatever is not present as a part of base toolkit.


icc is the "classic" compiler:

apt install intel-oneapi-compiler-dpcpp-cpp-and-cpp-classic

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