I wanna build a Python script and I need to get random entire phrases to be saved on a list Is there any API or module that would give me random entire phrases in selected languages? , let's say for example, from a website, online international database of phrases, quotes, etc... Let's say for example:

phrase = get_random_spanish_phrase('es')

it would do something like

esta es una frase en español

I used the module wonderwords, to install:

pip install wonderwords 

Wonderwords allows Python to interact with a database and to generate random words or phrases in English. To answer the question, I found a solution to get the phrase or word in any language using googletrans API, then I did the following:

First, I started importing both modules, and from the module wonderwords I imported the function RandomSentence that would request a random sentence and return it. From the module googletrans I imported the Translator function that would help me translate the sentence generated from wonderwords, passing the sentence to another variable and translating the content from the variable. The code would look like this

from googletrans import Translator
from wonderwords import RandomSentence

translator = Translator() #defining the translator object
sentence = RandomSentence() #defining the random sentence

'''now we create another variable that would store the translated random sentence in the language that we want'''

translated_sentence = translator.translate(sentence, src='en', dest='es') 
'''here we are passing as parameters 1) the sentence that we want to translate 2) the language of the source sentence (that in this case is on English) 3)the language that we want to translate to, (in this case is Spanish)'''

#finally, we convert that translated sentence into a string

translated_wanted_sentence = translated_sentence.text 
'''we get the translated_sentence converted into a string with the .text method'''

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