I am new to Python any help would be appreciated.

There is a red squiggly line underneath the parameter.("0123456789.txt")

This is my function.

def write_countries_capitals_to_file(0123456789.txt):
def main():
    Calling functions.


I'm confused as to why i'm getting an error. I know if I place a letter in front of the numbers the numbers get grayed out. But I need it to work how it is displayed.

Thanks for the help

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    The function parameter has to be a variable name,. – Barmar Mar 9 at 2:05
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    You need to read a tutorial on defining functions. – Barmar Mar 9 at 2:07
  • " But I need it to work how it is displayed." what do you think that would do? What you wrote doesn't make sense. – juanpa.arrivillaga Mar 9 at 2:11
  • Thanks @juanpa.arrivillaga your really smart. I thought to ask here actually my teacher actually made a mistake on the info he gave us I just got notified. If your gonna comment make sense and give some good feedback. – user15345178 Mar 9 at 2:15
  • @Hudson I am giving you good feedback. A well-formed question would include the expected behavior. See How to Ask and the help center – juanpa.arrivillaga Mar 9 at 2:17

This is just an issue with variable naming. In Python, variables have to follow the following rules:

  1. The characters in variable names must be alphanumeric or the underscore (_) character.
  2. Variable names must be one word
  3. Variable names cannot start with a number

Parameter naming rules are the same as variable names (since parameters are essentially local variables). Since the name 1234567890.txt has a character (.) which which is not alphanumeric and is not the underscore character (Rule 1), and the variable name starts with a number (Rule 3), then the variable name is invalid.

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