In some of my testing I am comparing json result between some http calls, today I am just comparing strings, which is too naive and not reliable for example if order changes. Can you please recommend how to compare two json that may come in a different order of the elements like:




Thanks Oded


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Parse the JSON bodies to Clojure data structures with for example cheshire and compare those:

(ns my.ns
   [cheshire.core :as json]))

(def body1
  "{\"a\": 1, \"b\": 2}")

(def body2
  "{\"b\": 2, \"a\": 1}")

(= body1 body2)
;; => false

(let [keywordize-keys? true]
  (= (json/decode body1 keywordize-keys?)
     (json/decode body2 keywordize-keys?)))
;; => true

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