After updating the Jetpack Compose library to beta01, I'm not able to show DialogFragment or BottomSheetDialogFragment. Looks like ViewTreeLifecycleOwner cannot be found in my activity anymore. Also, I tried a couple of possible solutions but there are not any success.

The view in fragment is inflated with:

 override fun onCreateView(inflater: LayoutInflater, container: ViewGroup?, savedInstanceState: Bundle?): View? {
        return inflater.inflate(
                R.layout.fragment_full_screen_layout, container, false
        ).apply {
            findViewById<ComposeView>(R.id.compose_view).setContent {...}

and dialog fragment is showing with:

DialogFragmentExample.newInstance().show(supportFragmentManager, null)

Does anyone have a similar problem? Please, any suggestion would be welcome.


java.lang.IllegalStateException: ViewTreeLifecycleOwner not found from DecorView@409dd5d[MainActivity]
        at androidx.compose.ui.platform.WindowRecomposer_androidKt.createLifecycleAwareViewTreeRecomposer(WindowRecomposer.android.kt:214)
        at androidx.compose.ui.platform.WindowRecomposer_androidKt.access$createLifecycleAwareViewTreeRecomposer(WindowRecomposer.android.kt:1)
        at androidx.compose.ui.platform.WindowRecomposerFactory$Companion$LifecycleAware$1.createRecomposer(WindowRecomposer.android.kt:98)
        at androidx.compose.ui.platform.WindowRecomposerPolicy.createAndInstallWindowRecomposer$ui_release(WindowRecomposer.android.kt:151)
        at androidx.compose.ui.platform.WindowRecomposer_androidKt.getWindowRecomposer(WindowRecomposer.android.kt:199)
        at androidx.compose.ui.platform.AbstractComposeView.ensureCompositionCreated(ComposeView.android.kt:177)
        at androidx.compose.ui.platform.AbstractComposeView.onAttachedToWindow(ComposeView.android.kt:222)

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I get the same exception without even using a DialogFragment.

My workaround is to set the ViewTreeLifecycleOwner from the Activity:

class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity() {
   override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {

      ViewTreeLifecycleOwner.set(window.decorView, this)
      // setContent(...); add fragment using Compose view

I'm currently using the following libraries:

  • androidx.activity:activity-ktx:1.3.0-alpha04
  • androidx.fragment:fragment-ktx:1.3.1
  • androidx.compose.*:*:1.0.0-beta02
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    this one worked for me too even with Compose runtime beta03, I was not using dialog fragment either, but the bottom navigation view with fragments Mar 25, 2021 at 11:33

As per the Fragment 1.3.1 release notes:

Dialogs within a DialogFragment can now get access to ViewTree owners through their DecorView, ensuring that DialogFragment can be used with ComposeView. (Ib9290, b/180691023)

So you should make sure you upgrade to Fragment 1.3.1:

implementation "androidx.fragment:fragment-ktx:1.3.1"
  • I tried with snapshot build and that wasn't successful, but this works! You save my day, Thanks a lot!
    – lbasek
    Mar 11, 2021 at 19:03

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