Say I type "sout", the intellisense should expand it to "System.out.println()". Is there a way to adding such templates?


The feature is called "code templates" in Eclipse. You can add templates with:


Two good articles:

Also, this SO question:

System.out.println() is already mapped to sysout, so you may save time by learning a few of the existing templates first.

  • sysout works. Thanks – Deepak Garg Jun 18 '13 at 4:08

Type "Sysout" and then Ctrl+Space. It expands to

  • sysout and Ctrl+Space works. Thanks – Deepak Garg Jun 18 '13 at 4:09

Type syso and ctrl + space for System.out.println()


type "syso" and then press ctrl + space


type "sysout" and then press ctrl + space


This is one more option: go to Windows > Preference > Java > Editor > Content Assit. Look in "Auto Activation" zone, sure that "Enable auto activation" is checked and add more charactor (like "abcd....yz, default is ".") to auto show content assist menu as your typing.


I've been Eclipse-free for over a year now, but I believe Eclipse calls these "Templates". Look in your settings for them. You invoke a template by typing its abbreviation and pressing the normal code completion hotkey (ctrl+space by default) or using the Tab key. The standard eclipse shortcut for System.out.println() is "sysout", so "sysout" would do what you want.

Here's another stackoverflow question that has some more details about it: How to use the "sysout" snippet in Eclipse with selected text?

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