Is it possible to set the TTL per message in MongoDB? I want to insert messages that can have different TTL's and I use MongoDB to check if I have to resend a message

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Yes, it's possible, see Expire Data from Collections by Setting TTL.

First you have to create a TTL index where you set 0 for expireAfterSeconds. And you have to set the expireAt timestamp, calculated by adding the wished TTL to the current time.

E.g. create an index:

db.log_events.createIndex( { "expireAt": 1 }, { expireAfterSeconds: 0 } )

And then if you want 3 seconds TTL for a document, insert it with a property:

"expireAt": time.Now().Add(3 * time.Second)

To have a document with 1 hour TTL:

"expireAt": time.Now().Add(time.Hour)

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