In the past, I have worked a lot with Delphi 7. I have two questions for Delphi 10.3:

  1. Does the Interbase DB file have the extension .IB or .GDB, as in the past?

  2. After having created a database with IBConsole, after having entered the DatabaseName property of the TIBDatabase component, I am never able to connect, I always receive the error "Unavailable Database". This also happens to me with the Delphi examples. I don't know what to think, maybe the problem is due to 32bit vs64bit of the system?

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    This is an English language site. Please post your question in that language. There is no Italian version of SO. – Ken White Mar 14 at 19:29
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    Check your system's services to see whether its actually the Interbase service which is running and not the Firebird one. When I had the "unavailable database" problem, it turned out that some random piece of software had silently installed the Firebird service and so my app was inadvertantly using that, rather than the Interbase service to try to optn the database. – MartynA Mar 14 at 20:13
  • Thankyou but my english is very very bad. I make me understood: I cheked service and Interbase is in execution, Firebird don't exist. Tkanks – Vittorio Cagnoni Mar 15 at 9:31

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