What I want to achieve is a basic JHipster Project with the FrontEnd (in my case Angular) that is served by not the default / but from the /something-else.
This because I want to place some other content inside the /.

I've seen this similar question: How to set base url for Angular application but it didn't help me.

I would like to set that behavior for all the profiles: dev/prod/etc.


I would recommend to use the Apache/Nginx to do this kind of configuration without changing jhipster context but you can do it like this:

First you need to add context-path on you application.yml:

server.servlet.context-path: /something-else/

Then you need to update the webpack.prod.js or webpack.common.js with the proper base attribute value. Considering jhipster as the context path, the base attribute value should looks like:

new HtmlWebpackPlugin({
    base: '/something-else/'

See more information here

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