I'm trying to return specific columns including the reviews_count one.

Here is the non-optimized query (working):


Here is what I try to achieve (doesn't work):


What should I do to include the reviews_count in the select query using eloquent?

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The withCount method will add an additional custom select, so there is no need to include it in your select method. Simply place the select method before withCount, like the example below:


above will generate below query:

select "id", "name", (select count(*) from "reviews" where "invoices"."id" = "reviews"."invoice_id") as "reviews_count" from "invoices" 

If you place the select method after other selects, such as withCount, it will override or replace them. Another approach is to use the addSelect method, but you will still need to remove the default select, as shown below:


I faced the same issue when I needed to get the posts_count of each user and I used the following code to do so:

use App\Models\User;

User::select(['name', 'id'])

As illustrated in the previous code I selected the exact columns that I needed and then the relationship items count and not the versa.

I hope it helps you :)

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